3/9/2561 / 264
In ancient times human beings learned to live in accord with nature; they used things in their surroundings as symbols in order to communicate both within their own community and without. The symbols a..
3/9/2561 / 105
Siam first used a coin machine to produce flat standard coins in the reign of King Mongkut or King Rama IV when Queen Victoria presented a small operating minting machine as a state gift to King Rama I..
2/9/2561 / 149
During an ancient era, the boly was used as a means of community trading. It was popularly used among communities around various areas of the ancient Caribbean lakes, American coastal lines, Indo-pacif..
1/9/2561 / 35
During the reign of King Rama V, there was a great influx of knowledge from the West, including new technology as well as modern arts and cultures. The king received his education abroad. His Majesty t..
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Currently being exhibited in the pavilion of regalia, royal decorations and coins is a national treasure which is a particulary interesting and rarely seen object. This object comprises of long-petalle..
31/8/2561 / 34
Srivatsa design is an image of a statue or a small model building with a pointy top resembling a gable. It is seen as a symbol rather than a realistic image, usually found in artwork which is affiliat..
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Throughout his 42 year reign, King Chulalongkorn engaged in multifarious royal duties which resulted in the country’s prosperity as well as bringing happiness to the people of Siam. Having been great..
30/8/2561 / 29
H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej ascended to the throne on 9 June 1955. His reign was 70 years of peace and prosperity according the pledges he made to his subjects: “We shall reign with virtue for the ..