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Background of The Coin Museum

The Ministry of Finance had a policy to create a specialized museum on the subject of currency as a learning center of the country’s history, economy, and society. The Ministry hence assigned The Treasury Department with the responsibility to build a museum under the concept of "Way of Coinage – Heritage of the Land.”

The museum exhibits the collection of ancient money, coins, commemorative coins, medals and foreign coins, as well as tells the stories about The Treasury Department’s missions, the coinage production and preservation of ancient coins.

The museum also serves as a specialized learning center on coins and money for coin collectors, children, and general public and a creative space for coin collectors and general public to meet and share their knowledge and information about coins. The museum also hosts coin-related activities and temporary exhibitions. The implementation of The Coin Museum was divided into 2 phases, namely:

The Coin Museum Project (Phase I): this phase involved the improvement of the landscape and renovation on the first floor of Bureau of Currency Management’s building, the exhibitions on the first floor consists of several permanent exhibitions: the Beginning of Currency and HM King Rama IV: the Reformer of Thai Coins. The exhibition features advance exhibition technologies such as 4D animation. The Phase I was opened to the public on August 1, 2016.

The Coin Museum Project (Phase II): this phase involved the improvement of the exhibition area on the second floor, where is divided into several zones, namely, "Coins ov Various Kingdoms”, "Emergence of Ancient Thai Money, "Coins of Rattanakosin”, "Coins in Daily Life”, International Coins”, Creation of Coins”, Facts about Coins”, and "Currency through Time”. The third floor is the exhibit zone of "Coins of the Ninth Reign”. These exhibits use advanced interactive media and exhibition technologies equipped with security system and other control systems. In this museum, there are a coin library, where is specially built for coins research purposes, and an activity room that arranges various creative activities for all visitors.

When the implementations were completed, the Ministry of Finance humbly requested His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn PhraVajiraklaochaoyuhua to bestow the name to the museum. His Majesty bestowed the name (in Thai) "Phiphitthaphan Rian Kasapananurak”. The Coin Museum’s name in Thai means "a place where gathers, preserves, and exhibits all the coin-related things.

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