Exhibitions on the 1st Floor
Exhibitions on the 1st Floor
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Exhibitions Floor 1
The Beginning of Currency
The Beginning of CurrencyThe Beginning of Currency2The Beginning of Currency3

Humans started using a medium of exchange since the pre-historic era. In the prologue of the Begining of Currency Room, it is a simulation of cave in pre-historic era to tell stories about bartering, discovering metals which leads to the production of modern currency through 4D animation screened surrounding on the cave wall.

Primitive Money
Primitive Money

At first, what was the medium for currency must be accepted by both parties depending on social context and social need in each society. The medium of exchange in the past was various such as plants, animals, objects, tools, utensils or ornaments reflecting cultural uniqueness.

H.M. King Mongkut (Rama IV): The Reformer of Thai Coins
H.M. King Mongkut, Rama IV The Reformer of Thai Currency
The reform of money during the reign of King Mongkut or Rama IV resulted in Siam’s usage of coins for more than 2 centuries.

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